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Superior Cropping Farm

It is located 23 km of Temuco downtown. Its climate and topography conditions mean it can be used for multi-purposes as it is located in one of the best areas to produce fruit export in the 9a Region...


Code: CHCSF142

USD 17,143 per ha

950 ha

+ More

Suitable for European Hazelnuts, Blueberries and Cherries

Good soils, irrigation water, climate, lower price & natural resources make this farm suitable for an orchard of export fruits such as cherries, apples, blackberries & European hazelnuts. This...


Code: CHCSF222

USD 25,111 per ha

189.3 ha

+ More

Outback Stock Farm

The Farm is located in the Comuna of Lago Ranco, Provincia Del Ranco and Region De Los Ríos, in the area of Hueimen. At 5 km away of Lake Ranco. According to the legal titles farm has 648 hect...


Code: CHCSF226

USD 7,715 per ha

648 ha

+ More

Stock Farm

The farm is located in the Comuna of Lago Ranco, Provincia Del Ranco and Region De Los Ríos. It is at 6 km from Ignao and at 15 km from Lake Ranco. Around 350 ha have good deep volcanic ash s...


Code: CHCSF227

USD 14,837 per ha

406 ha

+ More

High Production Pastoral Farm

The farm is located at Comuna of La Unión, Provincia Del Ranco and Región De Los Ríos, West of Lago Ranco and at 25 km East of La Unión. Current transitioning to a fatteni...


Code: CHCSF228

USD 17,910 per ha

198 ha

+ More

Forestry for Sale

Forest Farm Maria Catalina is located in the area of Paillaco, Comuna of Paillaco, Región De Los Ríos. It is a certified forest and is composed of the following species/varieties 395 h...


Code: CHCSF229

USD 10,433 per ha

515 ha

+ More

Cattle Grazing Property

Located at Comuna San José de la Mariquina, Provincia of Valdivia, Región De Los Ríos. The farm is around 70 km from Valdivia and 40 km from Pichoy, Valdivia airport. This area o...


Code: CHCSF230

USD 4,392 per ha

259 ha

+ More

Undeveloped Dairy Farm

This farm is located in the area of Las Cascadas, close to Lake Llanquihue going from Osorno to Puerto Octay and further southeast in Los Lagos Region. There are around 420 ha of clean pasture on th...


Code: CHCSF231

USD 15,672 per ha

626 ha

+ More

Well Priced Dairy Farm

The farm is located in the comuna of Purranque, provincia of Osorno and region De Los Lagos. Just about 10 km further west of Hueyusca. It has around 400 has of pasture and 90 has native, the rest ri...


Code: CHCSF232

USD 17,910 per ha

490 ha

+ More

Well Maintained Dairy Farm

The dairy is placed in the area of Chan Chan, comuna of Río Negro, provincial of Osorno, region De Los Lagos. It is currently is working as a diary farm with some cattle rearing and fatten...


Code: CHCSF233

USD 17,910 per ha

241 ha

+ More

Citrus Orchard

Due to commercial sensitivity, the full information on this orchard is available only on qualified request. Click on the red link....


Code: CLCSF235


427.41 ha

+ More

Dairy Farm

This attractive dairy farm is at Comuna of Puyehue, Provincia of Osorno and Región De Los Lagos, at 18 km of Entre Lagos town. It is located at 45 km of Plaza de Armas of Osorno. 33 km are sea...


Code: CLCSF236


230 ha

+ More

Lifestyle Lodge and Farm

The property is located at 20 km southeast of Futrono city close to Lago Ranco and Llifén in the Comuna of Futrono, Región De Los Ríos. Its south boundary delimits with the Bank ...


Code: CLCSF237

USD 9,117,650

600 ha

+ More

Abandoned Cattle Grazing Farm

The farm Pucahuin is located at 15 km of Los Lagos city, west of Pucahuin in the area of Las Huellas in the comuna of Los Lagos, region De Los Ríos. The property is in an area on terraces and...


Code: CLCSF238

USD 3,611,250

289 ha

+ More

Two Mandarin Fruit Orchards

Large commercial export orchards are hard to come by in Chile but here we have two available. Valuation Report Available. NDA will need to be signed....


Code: CHCSF140


419 ha

+ More

Adventure & Fishing Tourism Property

The farm is located in a place close to Lago Verde in the Región de Aysén at 40 km south of La Junta by the Carretera Austral. If coming from Argentina via Bariloche you take Gobernador ...


Code: CHCSF215

USD 1,234 per ha

630 ha

+ More

Horticulture and or Arable Farm

This farm is located at the Comuna of Teno, Provincia of Curicó in the Región Del Maule. It has 7 adjoined titles with a total of 328 flat arable irrigated lands. A small hill of 190 ha ...


Code: CHCSF216

USD 30,000 per ha

328 ha

+ More

Farm suitable for Horticultural

The farm is located at 8 km southwest of Molina town and around 4 km east of main Ruta 5 South in the Comuna of Rìo Claro, Provincia of Talca and Región Del Maule. Paved to the farm. Th...


Code: CHCSF223

USD 25,979 per ha

170 ha

+ More

Vineyard for Sale

This farm is located 30 km south west of Rancagua town on a sealed road. At a similar distance on Ruta 5 Sur in the Comuna de Doñihue, Provincia de Cachapoal and Sexta Región. Farm/vin...


Code: CHCSF224

USD 70,000 per ha

60 ha

+ More

Forestry, Eco Tourism you Choose

This property is ideal for hunting, conservation, native forests, ranching, forestry,, summer cattle breading and also a major tourist activity with easy access to main roads. Location Location thi...


Code: CHCSF141

USD 6,156,215

1250 ha

+ More

Opportunity for doubling investment

Farm itself is 3 to 5 km away of lake Calafquen and has a nice view to lakes Villarrica & Lanín. This picturesque small farm has two titles which are separated by a gravel public road that...


Code: CHPFF198

USD 30,075/Ha

19,3 ha

+ More

A dream may come true

This is an exceptional farm placed on the Punta Larga place, at 7 km of Frutillar city. It has 1,650 m of own beach offshore and 800 m of rugged and rock offshore at Llanquihue Lake in one of the best...


Code: CHPFF199

USD 67,164/Ha

191 ha

+ More

Finishing Farm

Farm is located at Comuna de Purranque in the Región De Los Lagos at the East of main entrance to Purranque from 5 Highway and at 3.3 km East in the area of Oromo. Sealed road to the farm. P...


Code: CHCSF213

USD 25,000 per ha

217 ha

+ More

Outstanding Location & Dairy Farm

Farm is a consolidated property, located in an outstanding area of Rio Negro dairy farms, close to main town Osorno with high natural fertility soils, adequate climate and reliable rainfall all year a...


Code: CHPFF200

USD 15,970 per ha

337 ha

+ More

Pastures, Forestry, Native Bush & Lodge

Outstanding farm with pastures, forestry, native bush and mountain style lodge, located 40 Km from Purranque (34 Km on sealed road + 6 Km gravel)....


Code: CHPFF130

USD 12,804/ha

1,562 ha

+ More

Grazing, Lakeshore & Beach

Distant at 30 km of Puerto Varas and about 7 km of Ensenada. Farm has 900 m of own lakeshore and 150 m of nice beach. Farm also has three beautiful waterfalls of 20-30 m high. Total surface is 241.1...


Code: CHPFF191

USD 28,788/ha

241,17 ha

+ More

Vineyard for Sale in San Javier VII Region

Vineyard located in the VII Region, in San Javier, with plantation of 60 hectares of different varietals, water access, possibility to expand plantation. More info request full details ...


Code: CLPEF101

USD 5,000,000

300 ha

+ More

Grazing, Tourism & Lakeside Beach

Farm has 800 m of own lakeshore on Lago Llanquihue and runs up to the Volcano Osorno lower slopes, allowing pretty landscape view of surrounding places. Close to beautiful tourism places: Saltos de Pe...


Code: CHPFF179

USD 13,700 per ha

730 ha

+ More

One of a kind

Well managed dairy farm with good and complete productive infrastructure to handle two dairy sheds. Has a good owners house, three workers houses, office, workers dinning and different sheds, all kep...


Code: CHPFF166

USD 16,154 per ha

273 ha

+ More

Blackberry, Raspberry, European Hazelnut, Apples

Currently farm grazing cattle. Farm has aptitude for fruit orchards production, such as Blackberry, Raspberry, European Hazelnut & Apples. ...


Code: CHPFF183

USD 9,559/ha

592 ha

+ More

This waterfront farm has many options

This farm is located at Comuna of Futrono, Provincia of Valdivia, Región De Los Ríos. It has a clear aptitude for cattle and tourism with 3 km of lake shore of Lake Maihue and 1 km of ...


Code: CHCSF218

USD 20,000 per ha

693 ha

+ More

Location, Soils & Fair Price

No doubt the excellent location, the quality of its soils, large built infrastructure and above all its price make this estate an attractive business to buy. I recommend a visit soon for sure there wi...


Code: CHPFF192

USD 9,790 per ha

220 ha

+ More

Mixed farm, Low price, Good location

Good farm considering its soils quality, location, 10 Km from Osorno, suitability for cropping and European Hazelnut, plus cheap selling price....


Code: CHPFF176

USD 9,028/ha

180 ha

+ More

Mixed Cropping Farm

The total area of this highly productive property is 325 has of which 260 hectares have been sown in crops. 20 ha are in commercials forestry. It is located on the road between Cunco and Lake Coli...


Code: CHCSF209

USD 11,400 per ha

325 ha

+ More

Vineyard for Sale in Cauquenes VII Region

Vineyard of 178 Has., which 55 Has. have Wine plantations of Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan, Merlot among others...the rest of the vineyard is suitable to expand the plantations. In thi...


Code: CLPEF102

USD 2,300,000

178 ha

+ More

Lakefront farm close to Volcano Osorno

The farm is located south of Las Cascadas on the road to Ensenada, in the Comuna of Puerto Varas, Provincia of Llanquihue, Región De Los Lagos. Placed on the east shore of Lake Llanquihue clo...


Code: CHCSF220

USD 31,385 per ha

325 ha

+ More

Mixed use Farm

The farm is located in the area of Chihuio in the Comuna of Futrono, Provincia de Valdivia, Region De Los Rios. 50 km from Futrono by road to Llifn and then to Lake Maihue, 40km of which are sealed r...


Code: CHCSF206

USD 5,470 per ha

120 ha

+ More

Mixed Arable Farm

Around 580 ha are cultivated, 180 ha are in grass and 400 ha are sown in crops, potatoes, wheat, and oats. The rest is native pastures. Contour is mainly flat....


Code: CHCSF207

USD 12,500 per ha

838 ha

+ More

In top area of Osorno dairy industries

Farm is placed at one of the top areas of dairy industries in Osorno. Its proximity with Osorno city, water resources, deeper volcanic ash soils with no limitations and high natural fertility levels...


Code: CHPFF203


587 ha

+ More

Mixed Use Pastoral Farm

This Farm is located in the Provincia Del Ranco, Comuna Futrono, and Región De Los Ríos. It is only 18 km from Futrono city on the road to Llifén and at around 12 km away from La...


Code: CHCSF208

USD 2,790 per ha

672.2 ha

+ More

Dairy Farm in Manuka's neighbourhood

Dairy farm, on sealed road from Osorno to Puerto Octay, black volcanic ash soils and productive pastures....


Code: CHPFF174

USD 9,434/ha

265 ha

+ More

Cattle Farm with Tourist Potential

Farm San Juan de Chihuio is located at 37 km of Llifén, last 16 km are gravel, in the Comuna of Futrono, Región De Los Ríos. It is a cattle breeding and tourist type of farm on...


Code: CHCSF210

USD 3,077 ha per ha

800 ha

+ More

Arable Farm in Good Location

This farm is located in the Comuna of La Unión, Provincia Del Ranco and Región De Los Ríos, south of Paillaco. The property adjoins a public road alongside 2 km leaving one part ...


Code: CHCSF217

USD 18,365 Per ha

384 ha

+ More

Thermal waters & Native Forests

Farm is located between Lakes Colico & Caburgua. Distance 90 km from Temuco....


Code: CHPFF177

USD 5,714/ha

300 ha

+ More

Cattle Farm in good location

This farm Farm is located from 35 km of Valdivia in the area of Los Ulmos, Comuna of Paillaco. Natural pastures are 80 ha and 119 ha are in native bush with some Eucalyptus Nitens. The soils are red...


Code: CHCSF211

USD 4943 ha per ha

199 ha

+ More

Good Price & Upscaling Value

Is a cattle breeding unit and currently is able to breed around 200 to 350 heads. If its properly worked its potential could allow to graze 500 heads on the 450 ha with pastures. Located at 40 km of ...


Code: CHPFF196

USD 6,107/Ha

739 ha

+ More

Cropping Farm with Addition Farm Available

The farm is located 4 km south of Victoria, on road to town of Púa. A private road connecting with farm (CODE CHPFF103) thru a railway crossing, opens the chance of buying both properties toget...


Code: CHPFF101

USD 10,000/ha

130 ha

+ More

Cropping & Blueberry Farm

It has great location, access, soils quality and performance, excellent productive infrastructure make of this farm a highly demanded candidate in a well-known cropping region. Located on both sides o...


Code: CHPFF103

USD 13,846 per ha

245 ha

+ More

Agricultural Farm with Excellent Soils

Well located agriculture farm with good soils. Location (10 km from Osorno, flat topography & mostly volcanic soils with excellent drainage. ...


Code: CHPFF105

USD 13,280 per ha

150 ha

+ More

Cattle & Forestry Farm

Naturally high fertile soils, forest investment and location to main highway make this property very attractive to invest in. Deep Trumaos type soils, from volcanic ash, and different slope grading t...


Code: CHPFF110

USD 7,111/ha

221 ha

+ More

Abandoned Farm with Forests & Water Resources

This undeveloped farm is in virgin condition, making it a very attractive opportunity to establish an extensive cattle breeding project, tourism or fishing activities in the pristine rivers bordering ...


Code: CHPFF115

USD 1,279 per ha

2,938 ha

+ More

Native Forest & Abundant Water

Venue at Andes mountains, with abundant native forest of always green vegetation, has 3 rivers, lagoons, waterfalls, various streams and springs. Part of hydrographic system of Palena River, near nort...


Code: CHPFF125

USD 1,360/ha

1,322 ha

+ More

Farm Lago Bertrand

Spectacular! Located between the mountains and Lake Bertrand, lakes, mountain lagoons, snowfields and glaciers, which form part of the Campos de Hielo Norte and Laguna San Rafael National Park. Access...


Code: CHPFF124

USD 2,550/ha

552.8 ha

+ More

Native Forests, Glaciers & Wildlife

Property of singular beauty located in the fjord Mitchell sector. Estate of mountain and valley surrounded by glacial rivers, glaciers and mountains. Near Carretera Austral (550 Km), road to Villa O'H...


Code: CHPFF121

USD 391/ha

3,740 ha

+ More

Fly Fishing, Kayak & Rafting at Rio Baker

Perfect for a reservation or tourism. It is located at confluence of the Nef and Baker rivers, These rivers have great beauty and colored turquoise, ideal for fly fishing, rafting and kayaking. It has...


Code: CHPFF123

USD 6,460/ha

136 ha

+ More

Mixed Cropping & Beef Breeding Farm

Around 90% of total farm area available for cropping. Currently in beef cattle production. In the past was a dairy. Farm close to Vilcun & 30Km from Temuco. Distant 22Km of farm code CHPFF135. ...


Code: CHPFF138

USD 12,017/ha

218 ha

+ More

Undeveloped Land suitable for Ski Resort Development in Temuco

The property is composed of 3 fractions that can be sold apart This land is located in the Temuco Region to the Andes Mountains, its an area of excellence to practice all kind of ski and snow sports ...


Code: CLPEF103

Price upon Request

4,100 ha

+ More

Under priced for the Region. It needs developing

The farm priced very cheaply due to the owners motivation to sell. Attending its location and soils quality which are suitable for crops, cattle fattening, dairy and Hazelnut plantation. Just needs de...


Code: CHPFF146

USD 11,061

180 ha

+ More

Cattle, Native Forests & Thermal Waters

Farm has three different economic activities: cattle breeding, native forest & termal waters touristic complex. Located in area of Cerrillos. Distances: 20 km to Futrono, 15 km to Lago Ranco and ...


Code: CHPFF147

USD 3,276 per ha

1,850 ha

+ More

Small & Tidy Dairy Farm

Very well managed dairy farm, with high technology, its small, tidy & very cheap. Located 9,5 km from Osorno on paved road to farm door....


Code: CHPFF153

USD 13,289 per ha

73 ha

+ More

Export Kiwi Orchard & Farm Lifestyle

Along with being a productive kiwifruit export farm, at very low production costs, its also a gateway to farm lifestyle, located close to cities (Santiago 66 Km & Rancagua 18 Km), in a very peacef...


Code: CHPFF156

USD 460,000

3 Ha

+ More

Crop and Develop

Productive crops farm distant 12 km of Osorno on a sealed road. This farm (182,5 Ha) plus farms CHPFF105 (149,8 Ha) & CHPFF153 (73 Ha), all three adjacent properties, make an interesting farmabl...


Code: CHPFF154

USD 11,720 per ha

182,5 Ha

+ More

Highly Technified Fruit Orchard

Property is located in two places separated less than 4 km away one from another. First farm (36,09 ha) is at km 162 and 1,000 m west of Main Highway and second farm (37,15 ha) is at km 164 and 120 m ...


Code: CHPFF162

USD 32,787/ha

73.24 ha

+ More

Mining Farm in the Atacama Region

Agrandada Project is located in Region III of Chile. It is located, in a straight line 30 km SE of Copiapó City, and 20 km SE of Candelaria Mine (Lundin Mining). And 75 km NE of Desierto de Ata...


Code: CLPEF105

5,000,000 USD

2.271 Has.

+ More

Copper Mining Farm Project in the Coquimbo Region

The El Arrayan mining property is located at the east border of the Cordillera de la Costa range of La Serena, IV Region of Chile, 30 km to the Southeast of La Serena (305,300E – 6,668,300...


Code: CLPEF104

1,200,000 USD

900 Has.

+ More

EL INCA AURIFEROUS Mining PROJECT in the Atacama Region

Locatión The Inca Auriferous Project is located in Region III of Chile, 105 km north of Copia|pó city, and 104 km SW of Chañaral port. And 850 km north of Santiago. Closer is Inc...


Code: CLPEF106

6,500,000 USD

+ More

Also listed as farms

Isla Del Rey - Angelito

It has an extension of over 4 km with Frontage river, with a good steerage flow for small boats, fishing and entertainment. There is a quiet area with lot of native trees 5o -200 years old as minimu...


Code: CHCSL218

USD 2,335 Per ha

771 ha

+ More

Professional International Marketing and Brokerage

GTSA has strengths in advanced selling and marketing techniques second to none in the industry. One without the other is ineffective. If you believe your property is special and deserves a premium price and the buyer may come from outside your location, contact us now as to how we can help you to turn the spotlight on it. We use the most leading edge technology in video, email, TV, plus international alliances to reach qualified buyers for our vendors.