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Commercial Cropping Farm

This farming company has invested millions in these farms to enhance soil fertility and on due diligence and legal structures to establish productive farm land with solid legal and environmental docum...


Code: BRAPF100


12,290 ha

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Mixed Cropping Farm

Considered one of the best farms in the region....


Code: BRARF103


9600 ha

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Itaoca Coffee Plantations

For Sell: The coffee plantation is unique on its category, where the man, the soil, the water, the coffee, the flora and the fauna, harmoniously interact with the environment, live it and respect it....


Code: BRARF102

R $ 8,000,000

215 ha

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FARM SANTO ANTONIO | Where business and leisure go together

This potential hub property is located near the two largest dams in the state of Sao Paulo, Jurumirim and Xavantes, which creates a micro climate and comfortable temperature throughout the year, resul...

São Paulo

Code: BRAPF101

USD 2,865,000

209 ha

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Leased Farms and Grain Storage System

The farms, titled NF I, II and III, are located 43 kilometers northeast of the city, and in the muncipality of Araguacu Tocantins. NF II and III, while titled separately, are contiguous, while NF I i...


Code: BRARF104

USD 4,040,000

1456 ha

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Professional International Marketing and Brokerage

GTSA has strengths in advanced selling and marketing techniques second to none in the industry. One without the other is ineffective. If you believe your property is special and deserves a premium price and the buyer may come from outside your location, contact us now as to how we can help you to turn the spotlight on it. We use the most leading edge technology in video, email, TV, plus international alliances to reach qualified buyers for our vendors.