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Large Multi-purpose Farm in Malargüe, Mendoza

Farm in Mendoza Malargüe City  The farm is company owned (S.A.) approved by the State of Mendoza and registered in the Land Registry. The farm borders to the west and South wi...


Code: ARPEF104

USD 15,000,000

55,000 ha

+ More

Multi-purpose Farm in Malargüe, Mendoza by the Paved Road

Farm in Mendoza Malargüe City  Farm located only 10 minutes from the airport, by the Paved Road. 10 kms of Coast by the Malargüe River  Defined Water Rights for I...


Code: ARPEF105

18,000,000 USD

14.559 Has.

+ More

Undeveloped Farm Suitable for Forestry, Agriculture & Livestock by the Paved Road

UnDeveloped Farm in El Dorado District, by the Paved Road, consists of Tropical Rainforest, slopes on one side, on the other hand excellent fertile soil with 1.800 MM of annual average rain. Also the ...


Code: ARPEF106

3,525,000 USD

2.350 Has

+ More

Large Undeveloped Farm suitable for Livestock, Agriculture, Forestry & Tourism

Large undeveloped farm suitable for multiple purposes, coast by the the Mar Chiquita Lake, basic infrastructures. Request Full Details ...

Santiago del Estero

Code: ARPEF107

19,380,000 USD

114.000 Has.

+ More

Semi Developed Farm suitable for Livestock, Agriculture and Forestry

Farm in the San Pedro District, with basic infrastructures and improvements, streams crosses the property, internal roads, fertile soils. Request Full Details ...


Code: ARPEF108

4,000,000 USD

5.000 Has.

+ More

Large undeveloped farm suitable for Livestock, Agriculture & Tourism

Large Undeveloped Farm suitable for Livestock, Agriculture and Tourism, with no infrastructures and improvements. Request Full Details...

La Rioja

Code: ARPEF109

3,870,000 USD

86.000 Has.

+ More

Large Undeveloped suitable for Livestock, Mining & Tourism

Large Undeveloped Farm suitable for Livestock, Mining and Tourism, located in the Tinogasta department. many rivers and lakes, borders with the Republic of Chile. Request Full Details Price is N...


Code: ARPEF110

26,900,000 USD

538.000 Has.

+ More

Semi-developed Farm suitable for Livestock & Forestry

Farm located by the Provincial Route Nº132, in La Banda Department, 50 kms from the the Capital Santiago, wired perimeter, Australian tanks, power electricity, also there is a Saline, where they ...

Santiago del Estero

Code: ARPEF111

6,400,000 USD

32.000 Has.

+ More

Undeveloped Farm suitable for Livestock & Forestry in the Esteros del Iberá Region

Undeveloped farm made up by 10 fractions in the Ituzaingó and Concepcion Department. The farm can be suitable for Livestock and Forestry development, it is near the Esteros del Iberá Are...


Code: ARPEF112

16,787,700 USD

55.959 Has.

+ More

Equipped Winery in Tafí del Valle by the Paved Road

Winery in Tafí del Valle, 20 hectares of wine plantation, 30 hectares of walnuts, 2 water wells, 1 dam. Equipment and Machinery available. No Housing infrastructures. State of the art Storage o...


Code: ARPEF113

12,000,000 USD

300 Has.

+ More

Large Farm Suitable for Forestry in the Misiones Rainforest

Farm located in the District of San Pedro, right in the Misiones Rainforest, Features: Housing Infrastructures, power electricity, scale, water access and Sawmill included.. Request Full Details ...


Code: ARPEF114

19,874,400 USD

24.843 Has.

+ More

Large Developed Farm suitable for Livestock & Forestry by the Paved Road

Farm located in the District of Ituzaingo, composed of 6 farms in total, with all the Infrastructures and improvements, the entrance is by the Paved Road, Suitable for Livestock & Forestry. Req...


Code: ARPEF115

23,000,000 USD

41.539 Has.

+ More

La Botija Cattle Ranch

This property is located at the Flat Pampa of Córdoba Prairie. Temperate climate with an annual average of 18°C. Annual average rainfall of 820 mm. Between others, allgarrobo, quebrac...


Code: ARACF100

USD 3,000,000

859 ha

+ More

Fully developed winery with Hotel in Gualtallary, Tupungato

Fully developed Winery operational with Hotel and Restaurant, all infrastructure & machinery in Tupungato For more Info request full details....


Code: ARPEF101

USD 4,900,000

45 ha

+ More

Fully developed winery in Tupungato

Fully developed and operational winery in Tupungato, all infrastructures and machinery available.. For more Info request full details....


Code: ARPEF100

USD 3,600,000

50 ha

+ More

Large Farm with many improvements suitable for Livestock and Forestry

The property is ideal characteristics for the breeding of cattle. Located in an area of breeding and re- breeding of cattle, the farm is an establishment comprising a total area of 94.149 hectares. Th...


Code: ARPEF103

USD 18,000,000

94.149 ha

+ More

Estancia Punta del Agua - One Million Acres of Opportunities

375,640 ha or just under 1 million acres in the North West of Argentina, with potential and feasibility studies for agriculture, cattle ranching, bio fuels, renewable energies and tourism. Strategical...

San Juan

Code: ARGMF226


375,640 ha

+ More

Mixed Farm Close to the City

180 ha currently in agriculture with the remaining in cattle grazing. Gas is available from the roadside main. Due to its strategic location suitable for multiple uses....

Code: ARGBF100


335 ha

+ More

Cattle Farm

Located southwest of the province of Buenos Aires, in Bahia Blanca It has a house manager, warehouse, facilities for working with livestock, cattle breeding. Receptivity 0.50 EV / ha. not less than 3...

Buenos Aires

Code: ARGBF103

USD 1500/Ha

7000 has

+ More

Agricultural Farm

In Lobería Buenos Aires province 1400 hectares , suitable for agriculture. ...

Buenos Aires

Code: ARGBF104

USD 15,000 ha

1400 ha

+ More

Cattle Farm

Virgin woodland suitable for grazing, forestry or ecoprojects. Average rainfall 600 mm/year Dec-March...


Code: ARJCHF108


470 ha

+ More

Mixed Farm - Buenos Aires Province

Model mixed cropping farm close to the highway and ports. Only 150 kms from Buenos Aires....

Buenos Aires

Code: ARGBF105

USD 11,000 /HA

700 ha

+ More

Also listed as farms

Lifestyle Haras, Polo Field

200 ha in the town of Las Flores Buenos Aires Province, Provincial Road 61. 4 Polo fields complete with stables for breeding Polo horses. It has a two storied 900m2 grand main home. Ground Floor: ...

Buenos Aires

Code: ARGBL100

USD 14,500/ HA

200 has

+ More

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