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Large Farm with many improvements suitable for Livestock

The property is ideal characteristics for the breeding of cattle. Located in an area of breeding and re- breeding of cattle, the farm is an establishment comprising a total area of 94.149 hectares. Th...


Code: ARPEF103

18,000,000 USD

94.147 Has.

+ More

La Botija Cattle Ranch

This property is located at the Flat Pampa of Córdoba Prairie. Temperate climate with an annual average of 18°C. Annual average rainfall of 820 mm. Between others, allgarrobo, quebrac...


Code: ARACF100

USD 3,440,000

859 ha

+ More

Fully developed winery with Hotel in Gualtallary, Tupungato

Fully developed Winery operational with Hotel and Restaurant, all infrastructure & machineries in Tupungato For more Info request full details....


Code: ARPEF101

4,900,000 USD

45 Has.

+ More

Fully developed winery in Tupungato

Fully developed and operational winery in Tupungato, all infrastructures and machinery available.. For more Info request full details....


Code: ARPEF100

3,600,000 USD

50 Has.

+ More

Estancia Punta del Agua - One Million Acres of Opportunities

375,640 ha or just under 1 million acres in the North West of Argentina, with potential and feasibility studies for agriculture, cattle ranching, bio fuels, renewable energies and tourism. Strategical...

San Juan

Code: ARGMF226


375,640 ha

+ More

Estancia en Cruz del Eje

Located 5 kilometers from Cruz del Eje, this farm has only 2,5 kilometers of unsealed road and is just 120 kilometers from Cordoba capital´s city and it´s International airport. It is a h...


Code: ARFRF100

USD 1250 / ha

1242 ha

+ More

San Martin de los Andes, Patagonia's Altos de Chapelco

Outstanding property with beautiful homestead and two guest houses, stables for 6 horses, all in very close proximity to downtown San Martin de Los Andes, the mountains & lakes, Chapelco Ski resor...


Code: ARFRF101

USD 3,900,000

73.87 has

+ More

Farmlet in the La Cumbrecita Hills

The La Cumbrecita area is a small picturesque, secluded alpine-like hamlet, located amongst spruce and pine, at 1,450 metres above sea level, it is not unusual to see a blanket of snow in winter time ...


Code: ARFRF102

USD 420,000

18.7 Has

+ More

Cattle Farm

Virgin woodland suitable for grazing, forestry or ecoprojects. Average rainfall 600 mm/year Dec-March...


Code: ARJCHF108


470 ha

+ More

Mixed Farm - Buenos Aires Province

Model mixed cropping farm close to the highway and ports. Only 150 kms from Buenos Aires....

Buenos Aires

Code: ARGBF105

USD 11,000 /HA

700 ha

+ More

Cattle Farm in Buenos Aires Province

Farm divided into 22 paddocks, 10 k from the town of Felipe Sola. Cattle facilities. Three phase Electric Power. Well fenced....

Buenos Aires

Code: ARJCF101

USD 2000/HA

1205 ha

+ More

Cattle Farm in Buenos Aires Province

23km from the town of Felipe Sola, 50 km southwest of Pigue. Cattle breeding farm, with good infrastructure work. Paddocks with electrical divisions. Rolling contour land....

Buenos Aires

Code: ARJCF102

USD 2000/HA

850 ha

+ More

Cattle Farm in Buenos Aires Province

In Alsina, in Buenos Aires province, 30km north of Pigue. Casco main house in very good condition, barn and silos. Three windmills with dams, and yards. 75 percent breeding livestock capacity, the res...

Buenos Aires

Code: ARJCF100

USD 2,300 ha

860 ha

+ More

Agricultural Farm in Santa Fé Province

This farm is mainly used as an agricultural farm and it is suitable for cropping like sunflower, corn and soybean. The latest season (2013/14) the farm yielded 8.5 tons/ha of corn and 3.2 tons/ha of s...

Santa Fe

Code: ARJCF106

USD 6,500/HA


+ More

Mixed Farm Close to the City

180 ha currently in agriculture with the remaining in cattle grazing. Gas is available from the roadside main. Due to its strategic location suitable for multiple uses....

Code: ARGBF100


335 ha

+ More

Agricultural Farm in Cordoba Province

400 has Ag farm, 200 km from Cordoba and 200 km from Rosario (2nd and 3rd largest cities) by highway. Best soils in the province (class II). Under optimum agro practices wheat / corn / soybean. Home...


Code: ARJCF104

USD 15,000/HA


+ More

Farm in Tinogasta, Catamarca Province

This huge land holding in the North West of Argentina, with potential and feasibility studies for several projects, namely : agriculture (vineyards / olive groves), cattle ranching, tourism (wildernes...


Code: ARJCF105

USD 1,500,000

37,000 ha

+ More

Cattle Farm

Located southwest of the province of Buenos Aires, in Bahia Blanca It has a house manager, warehouse, facilities for working with livestock, cattle breeding. Receptivity 0.50 EV / ha. not less than 3...

Buenos Aires

Code: ARGBF103

USD 1500/Ha

7000 has

+ More

Agricultural Farm

In Lobería Buenos Aires province 1400 hectares , suitable for agriculture. ...

Buenos Aires

Code: ARGBF104

USD 15,000 ha

1400 ha

+ More

Also listed as farms

Lifestyle Haras, Polo Field

200 ha in the town of Las Flores Buenos Aires Province, Provincial Road 61. 4 Polo fields complete with stables for breeding Polo horses. It has a two storied 900m2 grand main home. Ground Floor: ...

Buenos Aires

Code: ARGBL100

USD 14,500/ HA

200 has

+ More

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