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Situated at the southern end of South America, Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world. It borders Chile in the west, Bolivia and Paraguay in the far north, Brazil and Uruguay to the east, with the Atlantic ocean on the southern, east side and the Pacific on the southern west. It has a population of around 40 million with more than a third of the population living in greater Buenos Aires. Argentina is a Republic with its congress structure similar to that of United States. Argentines are colonials, mainly from European ancestry, who have been known to describe themselves as Italians; speaking Spanish, acting as though they are English. The official language is Spanish, although in Buenos Aires, they have their own version known as Castellano, understood to be influenced by the large number of Italians living there. Argentina has been an agricultural exporter for the past four centuries, with exports ranging from beef to grain, from dairy products to leather, from fruit and wines to Polo players. More recently its exports include oil, gas and phosphates. It is self sufficient in most foodstuffs. Investment opportunities abound at this time of turn-around, from investing in some of the most fertile farming land in the world; where the topsoil is over a metre deep, to development opportunities in commercial real estate ventures, from forestry investment to lifestyle developments. If it is diversity you are looking for, then Argentina is your oyster. Tourism is wide open, from ski resorts to hunting operations, to action-packed outdoor activities, to Eco-tourism opportunities.

City Living

If you are interested in living a cosmopolitan lifestyle in one of the most exciting cities in the world, in a luxurious downtown apartment within walking distance of spectacular museums and art galleries, divine restaurants, incredible shopping and a sophisticated culture the likes of which you would find in the 30's & 40's last century, you absolutely must consider all that Buenos Aires has to offer at value unsurpassed.

Why Argentina?

The most common question asked of us is Why Argentina? I am sure for each person who comes under Argentina's spell; the answer would be similar. Argentina offers a great lifestyle, one that is no longer possible in many European countries. As the jewel in the crown Argentina's rich natural resources will fuel economic growth for many decades to come.

In addition, the favorable climate, the sophisticated, well-dressed people, the exciting history, the beautiful neighbourhoods, buildings and parks, the social culture, their obsessive sporting culture Futbol (Soccer) golf, rugby; the music and dancing, particularly the Tango, the embracing family culture, the best beef in the world, delicious wines, the fantastic restaurants and entertainment on offer for incredible value, and of course the diversity and sheer beauty of the country. So diverse, you can go from region to region and so great is the change, you can easily think it is a different country.

From the deepest south, the coldest region, Tierra del Fuego to the incredible natural beauty of Bariloche to the majestic soaring Andes in the west, to the desert-like areas in the far north, not forgetting the beautiful rainforests and tropical areas of Misiones in the east, the incredible fertile pampas through the central plains and of course the picturesque wine growing country of Mendoza. This country truly has to be one of the world's best kept secrets!

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Professional International Marketing and Brokerage

GTSA has strengths in advanced selling and marketing techniques second to none in the industry. One without the other is ineffective. If you believe your property is special and deserves a premium price and the buyer may come from outside your location, contact us now as to how we can help you to turn the spotlight on it. We use the most leading edge technology in video, email, TV, plus international alliances to reach qualified buyers for our vendors.