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Why Visit Argentina Now

+ Argentina has a highly educated middle class. English is taught in the schools at primary level onwards, although Spanish is the main language.
+ Argentina is a country blessed with plentiful natural and human resources.
+ Highly productive soils, some of which are considered the most fertile in the world i.e. Balcarce area.
+ A stable continental climate which allows for organic agriculture, horticulture and viticulture farming on a large scale.
+ Generous water supplies and a high water table mean less expensive irrigation running costs.
+ Large quantities of oil and gas in the Southern Regions.
+ A well established infrastructure. i.e. motorways, airports, ports, business structures.
+ A long history of foreign investment initially from Spain, Italy, England, US, and Europe but more recently from China, Russia, Australia and New Zealand.
+ Cattle ranches 1,000 ha plus
+ Intensive cattle operations
+ Vineyards
+ Large scale cropping operations soya, wheat, barley
+ Dairy farm conversion opportunities
+ Forestry
+ Residential building developments to take advantage of the shortage of local finance for middle class housing
+ Quality apartments in Buenos Aires that are leveraged to the improving economy.
+ Tourist Ventures ie joint ventures with local tourist companies

Can I expect the Real Estate Industry to be the same as in Europe?

The short answer is no. The industry in these countries is very informal with no one real estate company having more than 1% market share, let alone dominating the market. The entry cost to being an informal broker is nil and these people come and go. They offer no protection to the consumer and have no formal sales training. Informal "agents" have little or no properties to sell themselves but rely on harvesting offical brokers' properties. For the serious buyer, this creates a major challenge, as it does for serious brokers.

Gateway as an experienced broker manages this by having created a network of other experienced brokers, apart from their own, throughout Argentina and Uruguay.

We offer a service that is unsurpassed for those who are serious about buying and complement this with custom investment tours.


Why travel with GTSA?. For a start we are based in South America. We have local knowledge that only comes from experience. Travelling around South America is not the same as travelling around Europe. It is more complex with a need to plan for changes as they happen and dealing with someone 12,000 km away is not easy.

Available Travel Options

Investment Farm Tours for Individuals or Small Groups

If you don't want to wait for a formal tour but wish to go now, we can on demand arrange for clients to be taken individually or in small groups. Clients will be met at their port of entry and taken to their hotels where they will be given a thorough briefing on the areas to be inspected. There is a charge covering vehicle / plane or helicopter and consultant costs. Accommodation will be per the clients account. Keep in mind the distances are vast and time should be allowed to recover from jet lag before undertaking a tour. Accommodation demand is extreme in the small towns during the summer so planning ahead is essential.

Why travel to South America Now?

The window is fast closing on investment opportunities of a life time. For the simple reason that for the first time in recent history, Argentinian, Brazilian, Chilean and Uruguayan assets in US, UK Pounds and Euro terms offer incredible value. Why else would you see one of the worlds most savy investors, George Soros amongst others investing so heavily in these countries agricultural sectors.

These counties stand out as having the best potential for direct investment for those with a three to five year investment horizon.

Property Inspections - Individual or Small Groups

If you can't wait for an organised tour. Contact us now for a personalised visit arranged around your business interests and time restraints. We will arrange everything from accommodation,private plane, private car, inspections, and where necessary, arrange meetings with appropriate specialists. We would suggest visiting farms September through to May if you want to see farms at their best.

Contact us for more info

Professional International Marketing and Brokerage

GTSA has strengths in advanced selling and marketing techniques second to none in the industry. One without the other is ineffective. If you believe your property is special and deserves a premium price and the buyer may come from outside your location, contact us now as to how we can help you to turn the spotlight on it. We use the most leading edge technology in video, email, TV, plus international alliances to reach qualified buyers for our vendors.